ResMed Ltd.

Sean Wilson
Creative Director, Digital Media
Phone: (02) 8884 2362

I have had the pleasure of working with Joseph at ResMed, Ltd in Sydney for over a year where he has been a Graphic Designer in the Marketing section.

Joseph has been a vital member of our close-knit creative team. His cooperative attitude, determination to succeed and good nature have been appreciated by all who have worked with him.

The challenges of working in a corporate environment often pose difficulties for creative designers. Joseph quickly adapted to these and has been instrumental in raising the level of quality of our materials and progressing our promotional and branding agendas. When more creative opportunities arose, Joseph excelled, producing some of the best design work that has come out of our company.

As with many workplaces, we often face last-minute deadlines and conflicting priorities. Joseph has never missed a deadline and his cooperative attitude and good nature are appreciated by all of his team members.

Joseph is a talented, intelligent and motivated designer and I am happy to recommend him.


ResMed Ltd.

Antana Verghese
Senior Copywriter, Global Marketing
Phone: (02) 8884 2362

Joseph Kim has been a valuable member of our team for about a year. During this time I have worked with him on a variety of projects.
The nicest thing about working with ¡®Joey¡¯ is his excellent attitude. He is always willing to help and do his part. This is essential in an environment of continuous challenges with changing market requirements.

Joseph is thorough and diligent in his work, takes the initiative to suggest creative solutions and works well both individually and as part of a team. He also has a good eye for detail.

In a nutshell, it¡¯s been a pleasure working with Joseph and he will be an asset to any team.

ResMed Ltd.

Marian Gobraiel
Copywriter, Global Marketing
Phone: (02) 8884 2362

Joseph is a hard-working professional; efficient and conscientious.
Producing high-quality materials, he has a flair for interesting and unique design.
He is a team player who always works toward the collective goals of the group he's
a part of. As an individual, he is kind and generous; a valuable member of any team.

James Cook University/ITTI

Bill Heath, Managing Director
Former Vice President JCU/ITTI
Phone: (02) 9904 2799
Mob: 0408 724 200

Joseph has been responsible for preparing some really excellent publications for the College and has used his creative talents to produce some first class work.

Around 4 years he has spent at the College, Joseph has managed to handle the two roles assigned to him in a professional manner.
He has handled his teaching responsibilities with great care and dedication and as a result of this has made a name for himself as one of the best Multimedia Tutors at ITTI.

Joseph is a hard working, conscientious employee who always puts the needs of the College first. He is popular with his fellow workers and relates well to other staff at the College. He has the ability to communicate very effectively with all students at the College.

I have been very impressed by Joseph ' s effectiveness in the two positions he held simultaneously whilst at ITTI.
He is very effective in both roles and is a real asset to the College.

Valleygirl Fashions Pty. Ltd

Terry Kim, General Manager
Phone: (02) 9745 9100
Mob: 0413 688 631

Joseph's main role was creating and managing visual image productions such as posters and POS retail graphics to 35 retail stores in nationwide.

Besides his main duties, he was actively involved with fashion designers to create apparel graphics and patterns and also he has organized regular photo shoots for seasonal promotions. He was also vigorously involved with interior designer and visual merchandisers to produce a creative look on new concept stores in various shopping centers.

Not only has he performed as a graphic designer but he has also participated in many ways in providing artistic directions to the teams and in upgrading company brand values and setting up standards of distinctive retail graphics to give impressions to customers.

His attentive attitude and creativity towards to the company has without a doubt assisted in lifting our name value and ultimately helped the Creative Team to achieve ¡°Design Excellence Award¡± by Lend Lease Group in Year 2000.

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